Sunday Meditation Moment | June 2, 2024

Welcome to Annapolis Crystals' Sunday Evening Meditation Moment! Join us as co-owner and licensed hypnotherapist, Terry Levitan, channels an intentional visualization meditation to help you ease into your week. 

A Meditation on Clarity

This week, we're meditating on the topic of clarity. Join Terry as she leads us in welcoming in the peaceful energy of clarity—of mind, of choice—the power of clear, transparent thoughts and decisions. Connect to the truth that clarity and ease are always available to us.

We hope you enjoy this meditation that welcomes in the flow of wisdom that walks hand-in-hand with clarity. 

Connect with Us

If you found this meditation helpful, we'd love to hear from you! Message us on Instagram @annapoliscrystals to share your feedback and connect with our team. 

If you want to go deeper and experience the joy of healing through life-affirming spiritual services like intuitive crystal readings, past life regressions, or Tarot, you can schedule your session here. 

Sunday Meditation Moment | June 2, 2024 


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