Sunday Meditation Moment | June 16, 2024

Welcome to Annapolis Crystals' Sunday Moment! Join us as members of our team share messages, meditations, and insights each Sunday to help you ease into your week with a pep in your step and a song in your heart. 

A Meditation on Love

This week, Annapolis Crystals Co-Owner and Licensed Hypnotherapist Terry Levitan shares an inspired meditation on love. She invites us to bring in the universal energy of love, moment by moment, welcoming it in with ease, comfort, and peace. 

What does it feel like when love shows up? In this meditation, Terry encourages you to allow the frequency of love to entwine and intermingle with your own energy as you move into your week. 

You may listen to this meditation seated, lying down, or while walking or stretching. Please only meditate if you may do so safely! We hope you enjoy. 

Connect with Us

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Sunday Meditation Moment | June 16, 2024

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