Past Life Regressions: The Turning of the Wheel

Past Life Regressions: The Turning of the Wheel

We like to think of past life hypnotherapy sessions as doorways that open a portal to lives our souls have lived before.

We return life after life to tap into the love, wisdom, and experiences that enhance our soul’s path.

After all, you came here for a reason, right?

Hypnotherapy sessions are the turning of a wheel. And the fun and illumination of receiving multiple past life sessions is getting to experience multiple doors to multiple lifetimes that your soul has experienced.

You never come down into the same place twice.

The wheel of renewal (reincarnation) keeps turning and is it does, you are reborn. The wheel turns again, you are reborn again. There is always something new to explore!

All the parts of that wheel are within us to remember. And this process of remembering doesn’t always make logical sense!

This is why it’s so important to have a spiritual community full of people and resources to encourage you as you explore your own spiritual identity and soul’s path.

We want to be that community for you! At Annapolis Crystals, we are so passionate about cultivating a community for likeminded people who are waking up to new levels of expanded consciousness.

We all need a place where we can feel encouraged to explore our spiritual curiosities—free of judgment, and safe to be “in-process” as you dip your big toe in the world of spiritual healing and soul remembering.

Past life regression work is one of the most effective ways to access and explore past lives for greater wisdom and healing into your current life, patterns and cycles, and relationships.

Annapolis Crystals offers private one-to-one past life readings with co-owner Terry Levitan, a Registered Nurse and Certified Hypnotherapist. You can schedule a private session with Terry at any time via our website

We also offer Group Past Life Regression Workshops as public or private events, for you to explore this powerful healing modality in a welcoming group setting. 

Our approach is to lead you to experience joyful and positive memories from lives past, guiding you in bringing clarity and perspective forward into your life now. You'll leave your past life session feeling more aware of your own inner resources and gifts, with perspectives that help you feel more alive and at peace in your day-to-day. 

So, what do you want to remember? 

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